Purchasing Prints

Prints of chromalark images are available for purchase as either "loose" prints, or hand-matted, in four sizes.


I produce my own prints on an Epson 2200 photo printer, and after much experimentation, I have settled on using Entrada Fine Art Natural paper by the Moab Paper Company. This is a heavyweight (300gsm), acid- and lignin-free cotton paper. Fine art paper eliminates reflections and is more archival than gloss-finish papers, which means prints last significantly longer without fading. The matte finish also looks better to my eye than gloss papers.

I hand-cut the photo mats, using archival, acid-free mat board. I mount the image to a 2-ply backing board, which I hinge with acid-free linen tape to a windowed 4-ply overmat.


The price list is:

4:5 Large$110$135
Other Large$125$150

Sizing details

With few exceptions, the images on chromalark come in one of three aspect ratios: either 2:3, 5:7 or 4:5. The dimensions of the image work out like this for the different aspect ratios:

Aspect RatioX-SmallSmallMediumLarge
2:34" x 6"6" x 9"10" x 15"12" x 18"
5:75" x 7"6¼" x 8¾"10" x 14"12½" x 17½"
4:54" x 5"8" x 10"11" x 14"12" x 15"

Note: image dimensions shown in italic are not standard, so you would need to have a custom mat cut if you purchased a loose print and wanted it matted later. Image dimensions in regular type are standard, so you are likely to be able to find pre-cut mats or retail frames in these dimensions. X-Small prints are printed on 8½" x 5½" media, Small prints are printed on US Letter-size media (8½" x 11") and Medium and Large prints are printed on Super B (13" x 19") media.

Images get matted up to standard dimensions for ease of framing or presentation:

Print SizeMatted Dimensions
X-Small8" x 10"
Small11" x 14"
Medium16" x 20"
Large20" x 24"

I am happy to deliver prints in the Seattle area. For shipping elsewhere, nonstandard aspect ratios, and image licensing, please inquire. Send orders and further questions to:

prints {at} chromalark {dot} com