Toronto From Afar 
 Monday, October 16, 2006
The Toronto skyline, seen from the West


I'm quite happy with this image; it was taken from exactly the same viewpoint as Name That City, but on a different day.

The weather turned dramatically colder while we were in Toronto, and we even got a slight dusting of snow while we were there. Upstate New York, of course, got walloped with a freak snowstorm.

I applied a new technique that I've been pleased with here: I converted the image to black and white but then chose a dominant color from the original image and used it to tone the entire image. The result is an overall color wash that reflects what the scene looked like originally.

Shot of the day is on Orbit 1.

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Black & White

Image Data

Taken 12 Oct 06
Canon EOS 20D
ISO 100
EF 35mm f/2