Wiring Box 
 Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Metal siding and a wiring box, Harbor Island, Seattle

Simple shapes

This wiring box is just around the corner from the loading dock pictured earlier; you can see that the metal siding is the same.

I was struck here by the strong geometry of the box against the vertical metal siding and the textured concrete. These shots always jump out at me, both in-person and when I'm reviewing images at home, but I'm never sure if these sorts of compositions mean anything to anyone else. Let me know if this does anything for you...

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Neat looking shot. Did you do any post on this?

The colors look so vibrant.

Everything gets post-processed; I shoot RAW :-)

Seriously, probably the majority of my shots have some kind of curve-based contrast tinkering. Here, the contrast is boosted over what would normally come out of the camera.

The color saturation is elevated, too, since I used a plain RGB curves adjustment, which has the side effect of increasing color saturation.

Nice to see another Seattle photoblog out there. I subscribe to a bunch from Toronto and I was jealous they have thier own little photoblog community up there!

The colors in this photo really pop. very nice.

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Taken 22 Jan 06
Canon EOS 20D
ISO 100
EF 50mm f/1.8 ||